Making Of - Entstehung der Webseite

The idea of a website dedicated exclusively to my garden model train is not entirely new. The idea was then realied in Spring 2006. I had always been amazed at how my friend and former classmate Gilles Glod succeeded in photographing everything so as to make it interesting. Since he is equally talented in webdesign, as asked him whether he would like to put together this website for me. As you can see, he agreed, and put a lot of effort into getting the most out of the photographs and the website.

In summer 2006 the installation has been photographed a numbr of times. Then all waggons and locomotives were photographed in a small studio for the Fleet gallery. The result were catalogue-like shots of the entire fleet. What's more, an abundancy of details from the tracks and passenger cars were covered.

In autumn the shooting was wrapped up. The result: over 300 beautiful captures. Gilles had done a great job! Now the site had to be designed. Again most of the work was done by Gilles himself. In between his academic work he found spare time to improve the site over and over again. An now, in December 2006, I am proud to be able to present you the completed project.

Olivier Gauthier

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