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Taking advantantage of my term break, I began last week with enlarging the holding sidings in the basement. For some time now it could no longer hold all the trains. The existing four long (+- 4m) and seven short (1,2m) rails were completed by twelve long rails. The capacity was thus increased to 23 trains, which leaves enough space for trains that are yet to come.
I am glad that ususally LGB trains can pass R1 curves without any problems, since these were used exclusively, permiting a maximum density in trains. By now the holding siding is complete. The rails have been laid and fixed; the power feed has been plugged in; just a few track switches have yet to be connected electronically.
What's more, the Zimo digital system has been improved. The old MX1, which, unfortunately, was not compatible with modern 'Model 2000' devices, has been replaced by a MX1HS with 16A.
Now all I can hope for is a few sunny days to put it all to the test.


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